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How do I become a bottom feeder, getting a high quantity of low quality girls, IE large numbers of fat chicks?
How do I become a bottom feeder, getting a high quantity of low quality girls, IE large numbers of fat chicks

How do u tell if a craigslist personal is fake or an escort, and what are some ideas for a free date

The average guy has had 400 dates with different girls by 23, I've had 0. I need to make up for lost time. Its not a huge drive for me, but this society puts so much social pressure on it, that its hard to be stoic and self-content.

I think internet dating is lower than being a virgin, but whatya going to do?

Quantity is its own quality. So I will be a bottom feeder going after the WORST girls, and trying 2 date 2 low girls a week off craiglist. But I wont spend any cash. So I need free ideas.

I managed to hold through middle and high school, by being a clown that worked out a lot. I had some popular girls chasing me but I didn't know if they were serious or just joking. So I just tried to work out till theyd come for me. And then college came and I got blown out of the social waters. College wrecked me socially. Next thing I knew i was a 23 year old virgin. I guess I set my standards too high in high school it was all or nothing. I should have made myself a minor player, then I would have been more socially comfortable in college.

The worst jerks get the girl, and I don't want to become something I hate just for erotic relief. I'm who I'm.
You could become a gigolo.

Honestly, just go to a bar, talk to some girls, and pick them up. You could even do it in the bathroom, so you can get on to the next girl in the same night. Also stop being so desperate. That's a total turn off!
Do you remember this episode from "Bones"?
I thought that there was an episode where they found ashes on a bed and they initially thought that there were three people killed (Booth making a joke about threesomes). It turns out though that there were only two people, a skinny guy and a large girl. The guy had some kind of fetish where he liked fat girls and feeding them. feeders and eaters maybe. This is really driving me crazy.
YES! I do remember this episode. Someones apartment burnt down and they discovered there was a skinny man who enjoyed feeding girls then "having fun with them." It definately was an episode.

PS.. can u please make this best answer? need the points, thanks! :)
What movie is this please?
movie is about some kind of fetish. guy is a *feeder* and girl is an *eater*. he feeds her so much, her bed is a scale. hemakes her fat. her videotapes it. 2 of her girlfriends find out. so he kills them, so he can keep feeding the girl. he melts the 2 girls fat and puts the fat through a tube into the main girl to make her fatter. :)
he uses chocolate syrup as lube

What is the title
Is my feeder mouse pregnant?
I have a girl feeder mouse that i got from the pet store like 2 or 3 weeks ago. She was in a cage full of boy feeder mice. She is kinda fat but she is hyper. Why i bought a girl mouse was to have babies. I cant see nipples and she doesn't like to be pick up a lot.... Is she pregnant???
just wait a few more days and see if the stomach is getting harder, or if the nipples swell up.
Husband has a fat/bbw/fa feeder fetish...why does he look at porn?
i dont understand? im a big girl he tells me im perfect size and weight to what he likes, we have an absolutely amazing sex life we have sex every day sometimes more than 2-3 times when we can, but i know he still looks at porn every so often. realistically he likes my weight and probably wouldnt date a bigger woman than me (we have talked about it we are very open) but the porn he looks at is women 2 or sometimes even 3 times my weight and the kind of stuff he looks at sometimes too is of women getting stuck in chairs, things breaking under their weight etc...
we would like to start a family so for health reasons i wish to stay the weight i am now and he agrees, i am curvy- overweight to some i guess but i like the size i am i accept my body and i know my husband likes me this way i dont mind his porn browsing because i know of his fetish i know that this turns him on but what i dont get is why he is still looking at it when we are having this much sex (you can hardly say he is deprived!) i send him sexy pictures of me i know he loves them, we make videos together, he shared his fantasies with me i do anything he asks but i feel every chance he gets for example when i go out or if he's home alone he is looking at porn! why doesnt he use the material i gave him?
can any man share his view on this? or any woman who is in my situation
He's living out his fantasy; it has nothing to do with the sex life he has with you (which sounds great to me!). If things start falling apart there, I would complain. Now I would not. Best wishes.
Is my aunty a feeder?
i read this article on a fat girl who gets fed by people to help her gain weight and she only wore underwear to allow people to see her "progress" . These people are called feeders. It made me think, when i stayed in my aunts for a month, she fed me until the point i nearly exploded each day and i never wore a top as it was hot out and my aunt said i shouldnt wear a top to get a tan. Anyway i gained 20lbs and while i was there but my aunty did act strange when i was getting fatter. Like once, i showed her that i was getting fat because my jeans didnt fit anymore and she jiggled my belly and said ah well your a growing boy in a weird sort of tone. Is she a feeder or what was she doing. Please no stupid answer
Yes, she's a feeder, and an enabler.
What junk food can I eat to get fat quickly?
Hi. I'm a black 13 year old, 5'5, and weigh 292 pounds. I stared to gain weight when I was 10, cause me and my friends got hooked on big macs and donuts. When I was 10 I was 70 pounds, 140 pounds when 11, and 220 pounds when 12. I love food and can't stop eating. I have about 12000 calories a day, including 30 donuts, 10 big macs, 5 chocolate bars and 8 packs of cookies. My mum doesn't mind me being fat, and since all my friends are obese I always eat loads with them and they encourage me to gain weight. I have 7 fat rolls, and man boobs that droop about 6 inches. We all play with each others flab, and 1 girl in my class says that when I'm 16 she want's me to be a feedee and her to be the feeder. I'd love to be a feedee and 800 pounds when I'm 16. What types of junk food should I eat to get fatter even quicker?
Get real.
Is this true about men fattening up their girlfriends?
iv heard that some men are 'feeders' they get their girlfriend realt fat so that nobody else will want her. I know this one girl who was a size 8 and she got with this guy and now shes huge. Iv heard that all his exes are fat after being with him too. is he a feeder??
it is not true, I think when a girl find a man that she is comfortable and see
a future with, they seems to let themselves go, no need to working out as
offen and counting calories. personally, I see that as a sign of happiness
and long term relationship.

maybe is because I haven't met anyone that has an intention to make a
girl fat.

hope that help you :)
I'm confused about this weird fetish.?
I am going to explain my fetish completely. I have never told anybody about it before, but I feel like I need to talk about it.

I am a female. Within the last year I discovered that I have a weight gain fetish. On Sims 3 I even like making my Sims fat and have them eat a ton and gain weight. I was looking up Youtube videos about sims gaining weight (weird.. i know..) and then I found videos of actual real people gaining weight. I have looked at so many of them. Gainers... feedees and feeders... a ton of youtube videos. I love to watch them. Its a mixture of being completely intrigued and turned on at the same time. PLUS... jealous. I only look at girls (I have liked girls for a long time). And the only girls I actually have really liked in real life have been bigger.. but I haven't ever fantasized about them gaining weight. I just like more full figured girls. I don't even like looking at BBW's online who are in their underwear.. I more enjoy looking at them clothed. I just love the look of the tightness of the clothes on them.

I honestly have wished that I could be a gainer myself. I want to have the feeling of outgrowing my clothes and them getting tight on me. IDK WHY!!! Its so strange. However, I can't actually do this because I am a dancer and I'm going to college for dance next year. I only like watching skinny dancers anyways.. but I like looking at fat girls. Gaining turns me on more than the actual fat itself though. Plus, I can't face what my parents and friends will think of my weird fetish. My mom HATES fat and she thinks people who are heavier are extremely unattractive so I could never tell her. Idk what to do cause I REALLY wish that I could know what it feels like to gain weight. But I couldn't bear to actually go through with it.

I wish I could talk to somebody else who has this same problem as me... because I can't tell anyone I know about it. It's my biggest secret. I'm not a weird person. If you knew me you would be completely surprised that I have this fetish. I just wish I knew what to do about it. Any advice?
Many people have fetishes that they can never fulfill, for many reasons. For example, some ppl have an inflation fetish-- they get turned on by the idea of being inflated like a balloon, like what happens in cartoons. Of course, that can never happen, if they want to stay alive!

You should talk to someone who shares the same fetish. The gainers you saw on YouTube, message them, tell them what you told us here.

Good luck.
Any girls want to be a Feedee or weight gainer?
I know its very weird and lame of me but some how Fat gaining is one of my fetish now and its driving me crazy to ignore it.

Im a guy who want to be a feeder for a girl who want to gain alot of weight. I tried to ask some girls around here and they are not interesting. Im not fat myself but chubby girls always turn me on.

If you are in the area or you are interesting of gaining alot of weight and wanna date with me or whatever, please contact me =)

again i know its probably grossed you guys out but everyone got some weird fetish and go ahead and flame me for this but at least i stand up for what i believe in.
Kidding, right?

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