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When a girl masturbates, does that mean she lost her virginity?
So when a girl masturbates, does that mean she lost her virginity? And do all girls do it?? Like it's common for boys to masturbate, nothing really happens. But when a girl masturbates, does that mean she lost her virginity?
No. She's hasn't been penetrated by a penis.
How can you tell if a girl masturbates?
What distinct behavior or habits to look into that can tell if a girl masturbates or not?
There is no distinct behavior or habit that you could use to tell if a girl masturbates. Maybe if this is someone you are trying to find out about, just ask them. If this is yourself, and you are curious if other people will find out, there is no way to tell, unless you specifically tell someone yourself.
Good luck.
How can you tell if i girl masturbates?
im curious as to know which girl masturbates in my school. how could i tell if a girl masturbates without actualy asking her or leaning towards the subject?
Smell her fingers?
If a girl masturbates while trying to have a baby will it lower her chances of getting pregnant?
I just wanted to know if a girl masturbates while trying to get pregnant will it effect her chances of falling pregnant?
Masturbation has nothing to do with pregnancy.
Is there any dangers if a girl masturbates?
Many people say that masturbation for girl is an evil act. It is immoral and this causes many complications like: bladder probs, a fat belly, lost of virginity,...I know it seems a little nonsense but I really want to know if feminine masturbation causes any health problems?
Read what I found below, it's healthy, it's natural and you become more in tune with yourself!!

Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm (sexual climax). It is commonly done by touching, stroking or massaging the penis or clitoris until an orgasm is achieved. Some women also use stimulation of the vagina to masturbate or use "sex toys," such as a vibrator.
Who Masturbates?

Just about everybody. Masturbation is a very common behavior, even among people who have sexual relations with a partner. In one national study, 95% of males and 89% of females reported that they have masturbated. Masturbation is the first sexual act experienced by most males and females. In young guyren, masturbation is a normal part of the growing guy's exploration of his or her body. Most people continue to masturbate in adulthood, and many do so throughout their lives.
Why Do People Masturbate?

In addition to feeling good, masturbation is a good way of relieving the sexual tension that can build up over time, especially for people without partners or whose partners are not willing or available for sex. Masturbation also is a safe sexual alternative for people who wish to avoid pregnancy and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. It also is necessary when a man must give a semen sample for infertility testing or for sperm donation. When sexual dysfunction is present in an adult, masturbation may be prescribed by a sex therapist to allow a person to experience an orgasm (often in women) or to delay its arrival (often in men).
Is Masturbation Normal?

While it once was regarded as a perversion and a sign of a mental problem, masturbation now is regarded as a normal, healthy sexual activity that is pleasant, fulfilling, acceptable and safe. It is a good way to experience sexual pleasure and can be done throughout life.

Masturbation is only considered a problem when it inhibits sexual activity with a partner, is done in public, or causes significant distress to the person. It may cause distress if it is done compulsively and/or interferes with daily life and activities.
Is Masturbation Harmful?

In general, the medical community considers masturbation to be a natural and harmless expression of sexuality for both men and women. It does not cause any physical injury or harm to the body, and can be performed in moderation throughout a person's lifetime as a part of normal sexual behavior. Some cultures and religions oppose the use of masturbation or even label it as sinful. This can lead to guilt or shame about the behavior.

Some experts suggest that masturbation can actually improve sexual health and relationships. By exploring your own body through masturbation, you can determine what is erotically pleasing to you and can share this with your partner. Some partners use mutual masturbation to discover techniques for a more satisfying sexual relationship and to add to their mutual intimacy.
What are the odds that a teen virgin girl masturbates?
I am talking abot a girl almost 16 years old.Or even the odds that she have done it again
Vegas puts the odds at 12:1
When a girl masturbates do they carry on until they orgasm or stop randomly?
Guys do it until they ejaculate but when do girls get to the point of stopping and why?
Depends: Some girls use masturbation to wind themselves down and don't continue towards their orgasm. If she is turned on specifically, then an orgasm probably will be reached.
What does it mean when a girl masturbates but doesn't get wet?!?
Well after 2 weeks after making love with my girl friend, suddenly her body is acting a bit weird, well the past few days when ever she masturbates or I masturbate her she doesn't get wet, like shes always dry even if I'm working it, can these be early signs of a pregnancy? or is there any other sort of explanation for this? please let me know thanks
Just cool it (No, not literally).
Can when a girl masturbates cause urinary tract infections?
Jw. Lol.
its always possible because there is bacteria on your hands (or whatever you are using) and you are putting them in that area. It could happen but as long as u are clean you should be fine.
Is it a good idea to ask a girl if she masturbates?
I ve known this girl for about 2 years and I want to know if she masturbates. Is it a good idea to ask her or not?
well depends if she is a friend or just an acquaintance..because if its just someone u happen to know but u not friends as such then no its not good to ask that question unless ur conversation is on sex topics..

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