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Do you think people look older with blonde or brown hair?
I'm pale and have like dirty blonde hair, i'm thinking about going dark brown to get the contrast of being pale with dark hair look. Btw i have blueish eyes.

Do you think people look older with blonde or brown hair?

I am guessing you are a young person...but blonde or brown hair does not make you look older or...younger. There are 80 yr. old people with blonde and brown hair and they still 'look old'. Old is old. Hair color has nothing to do with the way you look. If you are middle-aged and have very dark hair, some say that can age you, but that too really depends on the brightness in your complexion and your eyes and.... your attitude.
****Once you start dyeing blonde hair, you will have blonde roots to contend with. Leave your hair alone or just add a few lighter highlights to brighten your dirty blonde hair..that will give you and your hair a lift.
Who is the older blonde lady in the Miranda Lambert "White Liar" music video?
She's the lady at the end that walks away with the preacher dude and she's one of the women who is kissing on the groom in the video.
She's apparently one of Lambert's longtime friends Lacey.

I really wanted Lambert to kiss Jamey Johnson (the preacher) at the end instead of the best man though. That makes for a much more exciting story.
What colour blonde would make my look older ?
I am 13 and small for my age tanned and I have quite dark brown hair at the moment and a full fringe. What colour blonde or other hair Colors would make me look older (not bleach coloured blonde though)
thank you In advance .
There is no such thing as going from dark brown without bleaching-pre-lightening .I don't know why you really want to look older at age 13 what do you have in mind?You are a little young to go for all over color but you might have a few high-lights in your hair. Maybe some lighter brown and some golden highlights.MINIMAL please at age 13. No drastic changes until you are 18 or you will look trashy. I just know that is not what you are going for is it? Leave it to the professional wisdom.Good luck
How come peoples hair can get darker as they get older, say blonde to brown but it doesnt do the opposite. ?
Or that someone who was born blonde and gets darker never turns blonde again?
I know...my hair was bright blonde, now it's an icky ash brown. I highlight the crap out of it!
Why am I so attracted to older white blonde guys?
i'm a 19 yr old black girl and ive always been attracted to white men , especially if they are older (like 40 or 50) and blonde.. i *LOVE* blonde hair on guys. i cant explain why.. its just so hot!! and this might sound wrong, but i love their skin color, and the contrast with mine, its such a turn on
my idea of the perfect guy
40-55 yrs old, blonde hair, over 6'2" , tall , skinny, pale (like an older version of robert pattison )
because they have colorful features i guess.
Why does blonde hair darken as you get older?
When I was younger I had naturally blonde hair but it darkened a lot as I got older and the same thing has happened to a lot of people I know. I'm just wondering why this is?
I used to have WHITE blonde hair, and now (i am sixteen) i have light brown hair. Also, my hair used to be pin straight, and it's beginning to grow out wavy. It's just the hormones that cause people's hair to change around the time of puberty.
Will blonde highlights and auburn lowlights make a 19yo look older?
I'm 19 years old but would like to look 15-17. I love the look of all over blended blonde highlights and auburn lowlights but am afraid I will look like I'm in my 20's. I have long light brown layered hair and a round face. I often get told I look like I'm 16 or 17 but it suprises me because I feel like my excess weight makes me look a bit older than 19.

Thanks in advance!
Certain blonde colors all depend on your skin tone... I think if it has a natural tone to it it may help you look younger!
Why do women dye their hair blonde as they get older?
How come women who are going grey always dye their hair light blonde? It ages them. They should either stay grey or dye it brown unless blonde is their natural color.
Likely 2 reasons:

-Blonde hair *in general* usually signifies youth in most cultures, although depending on your natural skin tone and hair color it *can* age you. That said, light hair is usually flattering on most older women, and it is true that it blends easier with grey.

-Many cultures prefer blonde hair or see it as "special", because naturally it is overall fairly rare. Some women see it as their chance to "try out" being a blonde when their naturally dark hair fades and they now can pull it off.

-If a person has naturally dark hair and light skin, but has a parent with blonde hair (i.e. they carry the geneotype for blonde hair but do not express it), then they can look very good with blone hair. A good example of this is the actress Sarah Michelle Geller, who naturally has dark hair but looks great blonde.
Is it possible for someone to have blonde hair as a baby,but brown when they're older, or vice versa?
I'm just curious if a person has blonde hair as a baby, can it change brown or a darker color when they're older? Or vice versa?
Yep, my moms did.
What's the older movie where Christopher Reeve has blonde-ish hair and might take place at an airport?
It might be late 80's /early 90's and might have been a movie or just a tv show/tv movie. I have this picture in my head and all I can think of is the blonde hair and that it might take place in an airport.

My brother just brought him up and now the curiosity is bugging me and the funny thing is it might not even be a movie I really want to see, lol. So why bother being so curious, right?
Christopher Reeve has blonde hair in "Switching Channels" (1988).

IMDb synopsis:
In this remake of "His Girl Friday" (1940), Sully is the producer of a cable news network program. Christy is his ex-wife and best reporter. Her desire to quit the news business and marry Blaine, a sporting goods manufacturer comes as an innocent man is about to be executed. Sully's attempts to keep her in town and break up her upcoming marriage happen against the backdrop of a botched execution, a prison break and a possible pardon. /./ The cast includes Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds, Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, Henry Gibson and George Newbern.
Here's a clip from the movie:

I'll check some other movies, but this is the only one I could think of in which he's a blond.

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