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I am looking for a recipe for a chinese/oriental dessert item. The name sounds like, sun teen gah?
Please include the proper spelling if you have any idea what I am talking about. All I can remember is that it was a almond paste stuffed shell that had the consistency of a gummy bear
Almond Jelly Recipe

2 cups Cold water
1/3 cup Caster sugar
2 teaspoons Agar-agar
2/3 cup Evaporated milk
1/2 teaspoon Almond essence
3 Mandarins, peeled and segmented

Method :

Place the water and sugar in a small pan.

Sprinkle over the agar-agar powder.

Bring the mixture to the boil and simmer for 1 minute.

Remove the pan from the heat and add the evaporated milk and almond essence.

Pour the mixture into a shallow 18 X 28 cm pan to set.

Chill for at least 1 hour.

Cut the jelly into diamond shapes, and serve with the fruit.
Note : Agar-agar is similar to gelatin but does not need refrigeration to help it set. If it is not available, use 3 teaspoons of gelatin sprinkled over 1/2 cup of cold water to soften. Stir the gelatin mixture into the water and sugar mixture, bring to the boil, then remove it from the heat. There is no need to simmer. Proceed with the method as above but refrigerate the jelly for 5 hours instead.
Why do all Oriental women chase white men?
I have friend Tom who has Asian wife Karen. He says his asian wife before they got married always chased after him for at least 2 years.

My friend says his Asian wife is really submissive she does anything sexually for him, treats him like a god and hes worshiped by his chinese inlaws. They have two girls and their in their teens. Their mom told them they can only date white men not Chinese men.

I'm actually thinking of dating an Asian any advice?
As an Asian-American guy; I can tell that the laws are incorrect. However, you are right about their attraction to white guys. If your white, all is good. But personally I can tell you that we AA men get butthurt by AA women. You probably guess where this is going; coming from a "bitter" guy. So I'll say it straight. I don't blame you from dating AA women, but blame the girl for being a sellout.
What snacks do Thai teens eat?
My friend is hosting a teenage student from Thailand for a year. She's arriving any day now. I offered to go to a local oriental market in my area and see if I could find any of the 'comforts of home' type snacks to provide as a welcome gesture. Of course, I will ask the store owners for suggestions but does anyone know what's popular in Thailand?
Pocky -- although a Japanese snack -- is well known in Thailand, and quite popular. Also, my cousins liked to eat seaweed flakes back in the day.

Also, Thais are pretty obsessed with western/US stuff - she may like "Coca-cola" and "Lays."

In Thailand, fresh fruit is always available (maybe not so desired by teenagers, though?), although many of the fruits in Thailand are simply not available in the US. (If you can find them) Lychees are great, as are mango, papaya, and coconut (you're more or less supposed to think of the shell as "cup" and drink the juice with a straw). Tangerines are great, as they are pretty sweet. I don't even know if rambutan, dragon fruit, jack fruit are really available in the US but those are pretty common in Thailand.

Honestly, as another answerer said, you might just want to go shopping with her and let her pick out some stuff she likes. =)
When did you see the most beautiful girl / handsome guy you ever saw?
This doesn't include images.

Mine was only about a week ago at a Chinese restauraunt. An oriental girl, probably late teens, walked in with her family and she was just the most stunningly beautiful girl ever. It was sad I could never meet her. She just had that sort of faces that you can't find flaw in, which is very rare for me. Her body was perfect too.

What about you?
most handsome guy-whenever i see myself in mirror
Does anyone know of any Asian women's or teens' fashion magazines?
I am after the glossy ones, like Teen Vogue, Seventeen or Elle, but in English only, please!

There are some, such as Asian Woman and Asiana, although they are aimed at Indian-American readers, while I would like ones especially for Chinese- or other Oriental-Asian-Americans.

Not pop-culture magazines; glossy fashion/lifestyle mags only please!

Thanks! =D
I know some..but they're all in Chinese
Why is it wrong to call someone black but right to use the n-word?
The media now calls blacks "african american" even thought Black is not racist, and there are some Africans who are white, such as Berbers. Its popular among teens to use the n-word, even though its a slur! What's going on!? A similar one is using Asian for Oriental, even thought some Asians, such as Indians, are white! I once heard the n-word on broadcast TV and got shocked!
no one should have the right to use racial slurs.
How do Oriental [S.E. Asian] people emotionally and psychologically cope with racial abuse?
Context: United Kingdom. Drizzly Britain. Born and raised here. Yet some of the abuse targeted at people from S.E. Asia, Chinese especially, is SO vicious and wounding.

Question: Emotionally, how do Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Javanese, Burmese, Nepal, Sinali, all South East Asian people - How do you personally, emotionally and psychologically cope with racial abuse? I'm not after ideas on community solidarity, protest campaigns, phoning the police, writing to your MP, political or economic solutions or theories, just, deep inside - How do YOU cope?

Last year I started a list of how many times as day I get called "Ch*nk" [variations on that word inc.] My daily average is 32. [Isn't that sad, that I have to count?] I'm mixed White and Chinese but don't really think of myself as "ethic". No contact with the Chinese side of the family. To add salt in the wound, every oriental [except the Japanese, Malaysian and Thai in my experience] tend to hurl their venom at me too. This pathological hatred flows from White, black , Pakistani, Arabs, Iranian, Poles, Americans, Auzzies, rich, poor, guyren, teens, elderly, disabled, enabled, men and women.

I know its late and anti-social as I write this, but my neighbours are getting drunk outside my bedroom window and their topic of conversation is why "Ch*nk hybrids [me?] look so dwarfish". How do you cope with pressure so hard it crushes your very soul until you feel like an ugly piece of coal or like some twisted hideous monster inside? How? How do you cope? Please, some one tell me?
Chinese are not South East Asians. I've never experienced racism, so it's difficult to say. "Do unto others as they do unto you" if you face racism, my advice.
What do Asian teens think of Avatar: The Last Airbender?
Do young people in countries like Japan, China, Singapore etc think this American anime is cool or silly that Americans are creating shows that deal with Oriental myths and genres.

Is it shown there?
Im Asian but i aint from japan,china or singapore. I think Avatar is pretty good although it is a bit guyish sumtimes its still good.
Has this ever happened to you?
It's really weird, because I've never really been concerned with people's appearances much, but the other week, when I was on holidays, I saw this girl for about a minute in total at a Chinese restauraunt. She was oriental, late teens, wearing a black jacket, jeans and a red and grey striped shirt, nothing unusual, but she was just so amazingly beautiful. Perfect 10 in every way. I struggled not to stare at her and I felt light headed just looking at her. Now I'm really desperate to see her again, but I know I won't ever, because I live in a different city. That sort of thing happened to anyone?
yeah it's called lust........
it's almost impossible to get rid of
How sexual is Asian society?
N.America and Europe are open sexually and Saudi is the opposite more restrictive. Where do Asian countries fall? China, Japan, Korea...the oriental ones.
How likely are they to have premarital sex, multiple sex partners? I never hear of teen pregnancy in that region.
As someone who lives in Korea. Yes, many (if not most) people engage in pre-martial sex here. I cannot speak for other Asian countries, only Korea- but yes it happens- it's just not openly spoken about nearly as much as in the West.

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