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How do girls from sweet briar college meet guys?
im considering applying to this school but i wanted to know how do they meet guys since its an all girls school do they have a brother school if so wats the name
We go to Hampden-Sydney, VMI, or UVA. There are tons of events on and off campus where guys are around. :)
What are some creative costume ideas for college girls?
Trying to find a good costume idea for college girls. Want something that is sexy and sweet, but not overly revealing and not something that is done often. Any idea would be great, we are all creative and can make any costume idea to fit our personalities. Need ideas for 2-4 girls, so can either be ideas for a group like the Fanta Girls (love the idea but my sister and her roommates did it before- dont want to do the same thing) or can be ideas that we can all do together.
Buying a costume? Look at these online costume shops below.


Have you considered making your own costume? Look at these great websites below.


Check out Ebay for great costume deals and professional quality
homemade costumes.
Need a sweet name for our college house? 5 girls and in hancock, MI?
can be alcohol related, we are all engineers...just be creative please!!
Birds in a Han(d) Cock?
I go to a party college and am not meeting any classy girls?
is this largely my fault? My school is considered the most intelligent of party schools (top 40 in the US) and still i'm not meeting any girls that are sweet, girl friend material. I really think i'm in kinda the wrong place looking... or do you have to be an ivy leaguer to have classy women.
If you're looking to meet women at parties, you're looking in the wrong places. There are classy "take home to mom" girls at every school, you just need to find them. Try getting involved in non-social or more academic activities. Things like student government, residence life, religious life, student publications, SADD, or academic clubs are more likely to have the type of girl you're looking for.
What should some college girls do when visiting Toronto?
My best friend and I are going to Toronto in April and it will be our first trip there (we're from Michigan). We should be staying around downtown Toronto. Are there any sweet restaurants to go to or stores that aren't chain ones? Or any awesome places to check out?

Thanks so much!
Hi there, a great place to eat is called "La Marche"...pronounced La Marchay...I believe it is in the BCE building (yonge / front )...check out the link below...
if you're in toronto in april, you could always check out a Blue Jays game at the ROgers Centre.
...Eaton Centre is a great mall, but if you want to do some unique shopping...try Queen Street West (on Queen Street between Spadina and University)...
if you're in toronto on a weekend, try St, Lawrence Market (fresh foods, bagels, pizzas, etc) (Esplanade / Sherbourne).
have fun,
Best perfume for a flirty sweet nice college girl?
nothing too harsh smelling or strong smelling

i like alot of vanilla or like butterscotch scents or even like soft fruity smells

price does NOT matter to me at all
paris hiltons perfume smells wonnderfuuul! =]
Girls i need your help, She is such a sweet girl and i broke her heart by accident, and i didn't mean to.?
I feel so terrible about this and i don't know what i can do about it now. Well there is this girl at college that i like and well she has this best friend that she talks to about everything and her best friend is also a really sweet girl. And well i thought since she is her best friend she could tell me some stuff that i could do to impress her friend that i like and well make her go out with me. So i got her alone and was telling her that i liked her friend and that i wanted her help and soon as i told her that like she shifted from a nice happy mood, to like a little depressed mood and she told me a few stuff and then she said she had to go. I saw her walked away kind of fast and she went into the girls washroom. And in class i saw her crying, not hard but her eyes red and tears running down them. And well her friend who i liked asked me what i did to make her cry (because she saw me talking to her) and i said nothing, and then she told me that i should go comfort her because she really likes me a lot. Well of course i became stunned because she never gave me any signs. So what i was wondering what can i do fix this situation? I mean i feel terrible and didn't mean to make her cry. What would girls would have done if this happened to you? I mean i'm not the best guy in the world so why did she cry over me?
Even though you might not think that you are the best person in the world, she still liked you. It seems to me that she had a crush on you and was hoping that you would date her instead of her friend. By coming to her for information on her friend, you ruined her idea of you and her together. Now this is not a bad thing all together. I highly recommend going to her after she has calmed down a bit and telling her that you did not realize that she had feelings for you. Let her know that it is alright to feel that way but you want to stay friends ( I am assuming that is what you wanted to do). Eventually she will come around and you will be able to talk like you used to. Might want to take this time and think about your relationship with her, could there be more or would you just like to strengthen your friendship?
I hope this helps some,
How can a man tell if a "sweet" girl is actually really b*tchy?
in general or college girls in particular
Her behavior is the most obvious sign. What her friends are like is another good indicator.

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