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Is my husband out of the norm when it comes to breastfeeding?
I have breastfed four babies and my husband totally supported breastfeeding and was not a big cry baby over how he lost the use of his boobies because of the baby.Im thinking most men are not as mature as my hubby and im wondering why? I mean why would you be so stupid to even care when your wife if trying to keep your baby as healthy as possible and do the best thing for baby...are men that dense because i see alot of them genuinely upset over this.
I've found most men who are willing to put their family first don't have an issue with this. I think the problem is that many men approach relationships very selfishly. If only they would realize that once they put their wife first, she will WANT to do great things for him... it's actually pretty easy.
Does your husband massage your nipples when they are sore from breastfeeding?
I massage my wife's nipples at least once every other day. You?
I would think massaging the breasts would cause more irritation than pleasure but if it works, it works! There are lots of way to ease the pain of sore nipples
Breastfeeding my husband?
I just had a baby about a week ago. I think I have been producing too much milk. My breasts get very swollen and they hurt so bad. One night when I was in extreme pain my husband suggested he breastfeed from me. I was surprised at first but after the first few miniutes it felt so much better. Is this normal? Have you ever heard of a husband willing to breastfeed from his wife? It has brought us much closer together.
that is some really sick sh**

EDIT: omg ppl are actually agreeing with you and im getting thumbs down. wtf is this world coming to. the second after i die (from natural causes of course) i hope the entire planet suffers nuclear fallout cause we no longer deserve existence. im 22 years old and def think my mom,gf or any female for that matter would completely freak out if i just started suckin on there titty to get some milk. that seriously is some sick sh** you ppl are disgraceful
My wife's mom is making her feel guilty for giving up on breastfeeding after 3 weeks. What would u do?
I am a concerned husband who is highly upset at my MIL because she has been making my 32 yr old wife (her daughter) feel guilty for wanting to quit breastfeeding. Tonight, my wife was crying when I came home because her mom went on another rant for 45 minutes about how much she needs to hang in there and do what's best for this baby. For a week now, my wife has told her mom how much she feels the need to quit, but everytime she does, the guilt trips come raining down.

The problem is, the baby is not latching on properly and is adimant about latching onto the end of the nipple. Her breasts have been so sore that she cries everytime she breast feeds. She has gotten advice from several people including her mom about how to get the baby to latch on better, but the guy still isn't responding. He'll open his mouth wide at first but then regresses after he latches on to the nipple, which after 3 weeks is unbearingly painful for her. My wife is one of the toughest women I know. She didn't cry once during labor, so to see her cry and wince as often as she is now, it tells me she's gone way beyond what most women would to try and make this work. She has been using an electric pump every couple of hours and that makes things a little easier, but because of the soreness, it's still a miserable experience for her.

We talked to our pediatrician and she said that after the first couple of weeks, nursing is supposed to start becoming a more pleasant experience. She said that it normally takes a mom a week or 2 for her breasts to adjust to the whole nursing process. She said if she's still miserable at this point, then she probably needs to go ahead and wean off the breastfeeding and go straight to formula.

My wife's mom understands everything that I just wrote on here, and yet she still persists on making her feel guilty. Her mom is a typical "overbearing" mom who has a constant tendancy to cram her opinions down her guyren's throat. My hope in writing this is to find a person or 2 who might encourage her that it's ok to quit after she's tried her best, that the baby's gonna be ok, and to draw some boundaries with her mom. I've already said these things to her in person, but I think it might sound a lot better coming from someone who knows what she's going through.

I just wanted to let you know that what your wife is experiencing is not actually that abnormal. In fact I experienced the same (for WEEKS!) with both of my guyren but after you get through the initial first few weeks of agony and improper latching it really is so much easier than formula feeding.

Engorgement can make it difficult to latch so pumping for just a minute or two to relieve engorgement and then trying to nurse the baby can help a lot. She could also see a lactation consultant for advice and possibly get a nipple shield (a silicone cover for her nipple which basically forces the baby to latch properly and protects her sore nipples). Cold cabbage leaves in the bra are a great relief for engorgement too and once the engorgement is gone then baby will be able to latch better. In the long run breastfeeding really will make life so much easier for her and baby so if she decides to hang in there I want her to know that she is not alone and she can make it through this! She made it through 9 months of pregnancy and hours of labor! I just want her to know that she is not alone, I spent weeks crying at every feeding feeling like the worst person in the world, like I just wanted to cut my breasts off to end the pain.

Now as for the MIL... welcome to parenthood! Prepare yourself to spend (at least) the next 18 years getting criticized for everything you do, especially from the MIL but also from other relatives, friends, and complete strangers. Sorry buddy. The best thing your wife can do at this point is to politely tell her mom that its HER baby, HER body, HER business and NO ONE ELSE'S! Good luck!!
Can a husband rape a wife? I am confused.?
My husband and I had sex the first part was consenting. He knows to pull out because it is part of our birth control regimen. I am breastfeeding our infant daughter and on the mini pill. Due to medical reasons I can not get implants or an IUD. So we do pull out + pill.

He didn't pull out. I said "Hey what are you doing, stop it" when I knew he wasn't going to pull out he gave me a smirk and kept me sort of bent up in the position barring me from getting up I even tried pushing him off of me but he wouldn't budge. We have been having arguments lately and he said he almost hoped I was pregnant so I never leave him. I think what he did was intentional and given by the fact he didn't get up or stop I feel extremely violated and confused.

Is this rape, can a husband even rape or assault his wife? How would it even be proven?
You told him to stop, he did not, it's sexual abuse. If you struggled and he continued, that is even worse.

I would be very wary of your husband.. He sounds like he is becoming very controlling, which can often be the beginning of an abusive relationship.

It could be a one-time thing, but please be careful.
HUSBAND AND WIFE asking :he works and i stay home with guys, should he still have to help with the house stuff?
we are here at the computer right now having a heated discussion. my husband thinks that because he works (part time now due to cut backs) that he doesnt have to help with laundry, dinner, newborn baby, 6 years old son, house stuff etc. he thinks that he should be able to come home and just relax after a long day of working and making the money. i admit that he does work hard, he is a mechanic, and does manual labor. but while he is a work, i am at home (we both decided that i stay home with our newborn daughter for a while) He is under the impression that i just stay at home and do my nails all day. i keep our home spotless , tidy, and organized while breastfeeding and taking care of our newborn daughter and still manage to put makeup on and do my hair AND PREPARE A GOOD HOME COOKED MEAL! all this while running on a couple hours of sleep here and there. i also bring in unemployment . so what does everyone think? men and women, should my husband still have to help out? or becuase he is bread winner should be he get to come home and just chill?
How many hours does he work - you said its part time. Now add together all the hours that you spend caring for your baby, cleaning, cooking, etc. See how many hours of sleep/down time/relaxation he gets, and compare it to yours. If there's any difference, then YES he should help out. No question. Its HIS home too, HIS baby, and HIS mess.
There's no need for you to do it all, even if he was working full time. I doubt he worked every single day, like looking after a little one is. I doubt his work calls him up in the middle of the night, like a baby does. I doubt he worked every single weekend, every single public holiday, like looking after a home is.
Guys (and working women) its time to realise that the one at home does deserve help and down time too.
What's the worst thing your guy or husband or wife ever said to you?
The worst thing my daughter said when she was a teenager was "Go screw yourself." And once my husband said my boobs looked like an empty wallet (after breastfeeding).
Mom did you have a pet Dinosaur; after I told her they had been dead for millions of years!! I am not that old!
Would you be ok with your husband's ex girlfriend breastfeeding your baby...?
... IF you were in the hospital in a medically-induced coma, and your baby would not take a bottle?

My ex and I are both married.... my son is 6 months and his is 3 months.

Without getting into details, suffice it to say that we get along and have somewhat kept in touch, although less since we both got married.

My ex's wife is in the hospital, and he called me because I'm the only one he knows who is currently breastfeeding a baby... he can't get his son to take a bottle. He's never had one, and the baby was crying in the background when he called. I couldn't say no, so I told him to bring the baby over, and I would feed him. I don't know if that means I'm taking care of the baby until his wife gets better or if he is staying here until then.... I mean, the baby is going to need to eat pretty often if he's only 3 months old.....

My husband's not even here (currently deployed in Afghanistan), so I don't know how he'll feel about the whole situation, but it's a baby, how could I say no???

Personally, if I was in a coma, I would hope that my ex's wife would be so generous as to do the same for me. I would be grateful that someone would do that for my baby, but I hope she feels the same and is not mad at me for doing this.

I have no intention of getting together with my ex or anything like that.... I am happily married and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize my marriage, and I assume he is happy, too. I am doing this strictly for the baby...

How would you feel moms???
I would do it for ANY baby!! And I would hope that if anything ever happened to me that someone out there would be gracious enough to feed my baby breast milk! It is very important to me for my son to have breast milk ONLY! I would want him to have another womans breast milk before formula honestly!!

Good for you for doing that for that helpless baby. I would not have been able to say no either. It makes me sad to hear that his mother isnt well and that poor baby wasnt able to nurse! You did a wondergul thing by filling that void in his percoius life!

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